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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

travel notes for a rescued people

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Dream network has been asked again to lead a service at this year's Greenbelt Festival, and last night members of 'Dream in Liverpool City', 'Dream in Haydock' and 'Day-Dream' met together to begin to put it together. Planning worship by committee can be a long, even drawn-out, process, but it can also be incredibly creative and inspiring - a powerful act of worship in and of itself. Last night was the latter!

We started by reminding ourselves of Greenbelt's overall theme this year - 'redemption songs', before 'mind-mapping' (I think that's the correct way of putting it) our ideas and thoughts. We had some great discussions around the following areas...
  1. the act of remembering being important to the faith journey; but remembering is not just about calling to mind past events, it's about reminding ourselves of our identity and our future. So often we're trapped by our past, but in the act of redemption we have been released to live in the 'now' and hope for the 'to come'. Faith is a struggle at times, which is why the act of remembering who we are, who we belong to and where we are journeying toward is so important.
  2. the sense of being strangers both in 'the world' as followers of Jesus, but also often in the church too. One member spoke of only feeling genuinely 'at home' and 'normal' at Greenbelt, and feeling increasingly disconnected from the church. This led us into a discussion about our journey with Christ as part of 'a people' rather than simply being one individual in a group of individuals. We follow in the footsteps of the Israel of the Old Testament as an 'exiled people' who know we've been rescued and are on our way home. We are in the process of 'becoming'.
  3. the journey of faith being dynamic and engaging rather than static and defined, but with a clear direction, director and end point. The concept of journey is important in Dream, with a high value placed on giving people the space and freedom to make their own journey. Alongside this we place a high value on our journey being Christ-centred and focussed.
  4. the place of appropriate (not triumphalistic) celebration of the above.
Through all this we came up with a working title for the service... Travel Notes for a Rescued People, which kind of holds together all of the strands and opens up great possibilities in terms of stations as 'travel notes'!

We're not sure yet how this will all work out in the service itself, but it should be a fun and engaging ride! If you're at Greenbelt, look out for us at midday on the Saturday, and come and be a part of it.

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