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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

This may become a quickly aborted attempt at blogging from a very slow connection at an internet cafe in Peshawar, Pakistan!! For those who are interested there are some photos of the Greenbelt Dream service now online 'here' - thanks to Steve for posting them.

A quick note about the Pakistan experience so far (I'll blog more comprehensively when I return to the UK)... We have met many people connected with the church here and tonight have been involved in a new group that has been set up to foster good relations between the different faiths, especially Christian and Moslem. It is really encouraging, as 14 years ago, when I was last in Peshawar, it would have been unimaginable that such a meeting could take place formally.

We have also visited Pateka and Balakot - two of the areas badly hit by last October's earthquake. It was very moving to hear the stories of the tragedy from people it most affected, including one man who lost most of his family in the quake. The areas we visited were flattened on October 8th and the Pakistan government has stopped any rebuilding on one side of the river because the town (Balakot) lies on such a massive fault line that the experts say the next quake will totally wipe out the town (i.e. Balakot will literally sink into the earth). The diocese of Peshawar has been involved in an amazing work here, being the first people to arrive with relief after the earthquake, and this has been an incredible witness amongst the Moslems of the area. It is frustrating, though, to see how the Pakistan earthquake, which the UN declared a worse disaster than the Asian Tsunami, has completely disappeared off the radar in the UK. I'm sure I'll blog about this some more on my return!!

That's all for now - let's see if the computer will let me post this!!!

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posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 4:23 PM


Hi Malcolm ... looks great. Hope to see more pictures sometime? Venue looks great - much better than GB05.

commented by Anonymous Richard L, 8:43 PM  

Really good to hear about Pakistan.

A close friend of my wife and I worked with World Vision in the earthquake region until recently (actually a fellow York graduate). We saw her last weekend with her new boyfriend, a devout Muslim she met whilst in the region. He's now studying in London. If love and religious reconciliation can take root in the midst of such a disaster, I pray it only strengthens and grows now they've moved to the West.

commented by Blogger Steve Lancaster, 3:56 PM  

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