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malcolm chamberlain

musings about the emerging church, mission and contemporary culture...

God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

leaving god behind...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'this' is an amazing discussion thread started by a woman (Jaqueline) who had began a process of deconstruction regarding her faith in God. It's well worth reading (and gets much better as it progresses, so stick with it!) for the vulnerability and honesty it contains, and for the various responses which are often profoundly moving, sometimes deeply frustrating, but always (it seems) coming from a desire to 'help' or to 'accompany' Jaqueline on the journey she is on. 'Colonel Henry Blake', who joins the discussion at post 20 and is a frequent contributor from there onwards, has recently joined the steering group for Spirited Exchanges UK and often posts comments on this blog. As you read, it may be worth asking yourself the question 'how would/have/do I respond(ed) to people asking similar questions of faith?'


posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 8:24 AM


Malcolm, thanks for the thread. Fascinating. Appreciated your post below too. With younger children its an issue for us too - a creative, emerging, engaging vision and practice of church that includes children and young people.

I have a bit of resistance to the model that sends children and youth off to do their own thing. I think the relational intergeneration thing suffers as a consequence.

Hope all is well with you and your family.



commented by Blogger Paul Fromont, 7:41 PM  

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