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malcolm chamberlain

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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Further to my post earlier in the week about Malcolm Duncan's statement concerning the 'Sexual Orientation Regulations', his full press release (which is somewhat more helpful than the article about it that I originally linked to) can be read 'here'. Malcolm also responded at length to the discussion prompted by my post, and his comments are well worth reading. He writes:

"It is my distinctive Christian ethos and my values and convictions that cause me to be unconditional in service. It is also those distinctives that give me a view of right and wrong, good choices and bad ones. Whilst I am free to express those, I must also recognise that I cannot force people to follow them. I must serve unconditionally and love extravagantly and be willing, in words and actions, to be faithful to Christ and his teachings. But I must also remember the importance of allowing God to work in another person's life and not assume that I am the Holy Spirit. He is the one who brings about true and lasting transformation - not me. I am, and the church for that matter, is a vehicle. Broken, cracked and tainted - yet a vehicle for grace and love and truth."

Read the original post and discussion 'here'

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