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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

that was Greenbelt...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another great year in Greenbelt's rich history, certainly helped along the way by the fantastic weather! A scorching August Bank Holiday weekend in an otherwise pretty dreadful summer - makes you wonder if God is a Greenbelter! The two things I was directly involved in (see 'here') seemed to go well, with several good conversations and positive comments arising from each - Richard has posted 'here' about Dream's unintentional flouting of health and safety! (thanks Laura for your encouragement there too!) The photo to the left is of one of the stations from the service (click on it to enlarge).

So, given that I'm much too modest to highlight these things any further, here are my 5 Greenbelt highlights for this year (in no particular order)...
  1. Billy Bragg - still an inspirational and witty singer-songwriter who put in a great performance headlining Main Stage on Friday, not to mention his informative seminar on British identity and the discussions surrounding a Bill of Rights/written constitution. He'd still get my vote any day!
  2. The Organic Beer Tent - great organic real ale including 'Absolution' brewed especially for the festival! The venue was not just about the beer though - over the last couple of years it's become the Greenbelt hub where you arrange to meet people for a beer and chat. So this makes the list both for the beer and for the conversations had there.
  3. Ikon - always able to provoke and inspire, and this year was no exception. I went with someone who has never been to an Ikon service before and at the end she turned to me and said "well, I didn't understand a word of that!" - I think Pete and co would be proud! Seriously, it was a great event (worship or performance art? - whatever!) and I found the piece 'where does your faith lie' particularly challenging (in a good way!) During the service there was opportunity for people to edit the creed - see the final version 'here'.
  4. New Forms Cafe - another top networking venue serving several varieties of fresh coffee. It was home to most of the emerging and alt worship services as well as some hidden gems such as Pete Rollins discussing the 5 films he'd most like to see with God!
  5. Coldcut (pictured - taken on phone camera!) - not necessarily my first choice of music style but you couldn't help but be drawn in by what these VJs do on stage! A great set mixing beats and images ranging from 80s classics to present day. Before Sunday night I hadn't heard 'Pump up the Volume' by MARRS for years - oh the memories...! Steve Collins raves about the gig (no pun intended) with a link to video clips of it 'here'.
So that's my Greenbelt 07 - though there was lots more to 'write home about' (as they say) besides. If you were there, why not add your highlights to the comments...

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posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 4:39 PM


great to see you....

so much i never got to see....seems to get worse every year....glad you had a fulfilled one....

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