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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

liverpool flash mob...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dream did their first Guerrilla Worship on Saturday in the new Liverpool ONE shopping mall in the city centre. The Times religion correspondent, Ruth Gledhill, writes that this is "thought to be the first time 'flash mob' has been used to generate a 'random' act of Christian worship." If you want to read more about it, go here, but take a look at the below video!

One Dream member who took part commented: I was on the middle level at 4pm and was amazed to watch almost the whole concourse clear, with people making their way up the steps, shoes in hand. Store assistants were coming out the shops pointing and saying "there's another one!" "what's going on?"

Great stuff!!

update... we've had over 1000 YouTube viewings in the first two days of the video being posted, and made it onto the TimesOnline website and the Church Times blog! Read all about it by clicking the links!

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posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 8:33 AM


Can't tell you how happy this made me, Malcolm!

Up here, the other side of the country, I'm finding forms of words to express what I believe can be defined as a civil rights struggle for the right to define our very identity - to tell whatever story we like about ourselves, not to be abused by others' attempts to press their own stories on us.

I believe, if we lose this battle, we lose all previous battles - abolition, suffragette movement, sexual identities, religion, you name it. Christians have fought on both sides of each of these previous movements, but we've seen that what wins through is always greater freedom, and more love.

Flash mobbing is part of it, definitely. It brings communal story into everyday life. It is a prohetic action. Last week I backed out of arranging a flash mob on behalf of our local council because, though it would have livened up an arts day along the coast, the council wanted it to fit health and safety regulations, to meet their criteria, to tick their boxes. I told them in a letter I posted on my blog that I didn't want to water down the prophetic value of flash-mobbing. Dream's video brings tears to my eyes.

commented by Blogger Steve Lancaster, 5:22 PM  

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