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God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Having posted this on Friday, I guess I have to comment on last night's show! It's now common knowledge that Kylie had to stop the show half way through due to having flu. I've got to say, she was pretty brave to give it a go in the first place - it was obvious she was struggling not only with her voice but in her general energy levels. I'm sure I noticed her stumble at one point in the opening set (though if she did, she managed to hide it pretty well). So after 3 sections of the show (with long costume changes between each) it didn't really come as a shock when she announced that she would only be doing one more song and, for the first time in her career, would have to cancel a show half way through. The final song, though, was a bit special - her sister Dannii sang 'Kids' with her and it was all a bit emotional!

Yes, it was disappointing to a certain extent, though we did get an amazing hour of Kylie (and our seats were amongst the best in the house!) and we had a unique experience (of the 'were you there when...' kind!) There's even a rumbling rumour that we might get a re-scheduled date though I'd personally be amazed (but VERY happy) if that happens. Kylie was visibly gutted at having to finish early and most (if not all) of that came from the desire to not let her audience down.

I don't for one moment blame her for taking the decision that she took - I know when I've had flu that I have felt pretty crap and I can't imagine going on stage under hot lights in heavy costumes to perform to 12,000 people when feeling like that! It goes to remind us that the people we put on pedestals are human after all. Hats off to Kylie for trying and I hope we do get a chance to see the full show - what we did see last night would make going again well worth while!

Kylie's management released this press statement late last night.


posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 3:16 PM


Having seen your entry about going to see Kylie the other day, Lisa and I felt sorry for you when it flashed up on the internet last night that she had to stop part way through! Hope it does work out for a rearranged show. Hope all is well otherwise with you guys.

commented by Blogger Simon, 5:45 PM  

so you should be pretty happy now! unless you're busy next Tues...


commented by Blogger LauraHD, 10:05 AM  

Indeed I am Laura - I went to the meeting I had last night with a bounce in my step after reading the satement on her web site!! As it happens I'm not busy next Tuesday (well I am now!) but even if I had been...!!!

So (if all goes according to plan) we got half a show on Saturday and now we get the last show of the tour. Not bad compensation.

commented by Blogger Malcolm Chamberlain, 11:36 AM  

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