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malcolm chamberlain

musings about the emerging church, mission and contemporary culture...

God is at large, intimately involved in his world in ways that the church is maybe just waking up to!

living communities...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

this picture tells many stories...

it is a picture of one of the stations from the network service celebrating 5 years of Dream, that was held in Liverpool Cathedral at the end of April. The station began as a single-bed white sheet with a spray-painted line down the centre divided into the years from 2002 to the present. The idea was to construct a time-line of the Dream community over that 5 year period, consisting of the key events in the lives of community members. The notes that accompanied the station read as follows...

living communities

communities are made up of real people with real lives.
the communities in the Dream network are no different!

In front of you is a large sheet with a ‘time line’ dating from
2002 (the beginning of Dream) to the present…

Think back over the last 5 years in your own life…
… what events or circumstances were you able to celebrate?
… what events or circumstances led to struggle or pain?

… where were the low points over the last five years?
… where were the high points over the last five years?
… do any of these relate specifically to your involvement in Dream? -
where was God in the midst of these highs and lows?

write words or draw pictures to represent these memories
at the appropriate points on the sheet.
as you do, reflect on your life in God’s hands and pray.

here we are creating a time line of Dream…
… a living community

“you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it”
1 Corinthians 12:27

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posted by Malcolm Chamberlain, 9:59 AM


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